Saturday, December 31, 2011

Here Anxiety and Ayurveda

    Ayurveda has recognized the individuality of the psyche and body and their inseparable and dependent relationship in the living body. The ancient physicians of Ayurveda have attributed abnormal conditions related to mental functions as Manovikaras.

    What are the symptoms of anxiety according to Ayurveda?

    The term Chittodvega has special reference to Manovikaras and can be equated with anxiety. It is commonly observed in people who have instability of the mind, fear, tremor, palpitation, short temper, indecisiveness, pressure in the chest, fainting or sinking, pricking pain in the chest and excessive perspiration.

    According to Charaka, the famous physician of ancient times, these symptoms are due to contamination of vata. There is imbalance of two mental doshas (rajas and tamas) and abnormalities vata and/or pitta.

    What is the treatment for anxiety?

    Ayurveda recommends a combination of medicines for internal administration and external applications. These medicines are in addition to counseling or treatment of the psyche and behaviour. The treatment processes commonly recommended for management of anxiety include purgatives, enema, nasal instillation, streaming of medicated buttermilk, milk, oil or decoctions on the forehead and application of medicated wet cakes on the head.

    Listed below are the compound medicines commonly used for management of anxiety.

    1. Five grams of any one of the three medicines including Brahmi Ghrita, Kalyanak Ghrita or Pahchagavya Ghrita to be taken twice a day with milk.

    2. Twenty to thirty millilitres of either Saraswatarista or Aswagandharista to be taken after meals twice a day with equal proportion of water.

    3. One hundred twenty five to two hundred and fifty milligrams of either Smriti Sagar Rasa or Cahurmukha Rasa to be taken with honey two or three times a day.

    4. Three to five grams of Saraswata Churna thrice a day with milk.

    5. One hundred twenty five to two hundred and fifty milligrams of Manasmitra Vataka to be taken with water or milk thrice a day.

    6. Five millilitres of Ksheerbala Tail to be taken orally with milk three times a day.

    7. Dhanvantari Tail or Asanvilvadi Tail is recommended for causing profuse sweating, and therefore removal of toxins from the body.

    8. Tonics recommended for anxiety include any one of the following medicines: Kusumanda rasayana, Chayavanprash, Brahmi rasayana, Asvagandhavaleha or Shatavari Leha. Depending on the totality of your symptoms, ten grams of any one of these medicines is recommended once a day with milk.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is Your Toilet Paper Making You Sick?

    How many of us take toilet paper and paper towels for granted? I mean besides which is the softest or most absorbent, have you ever thought about how they make them or how safe they are for you? I know I never really thought about the dangers that may be lurking in my roll of toilet paper, but after talking to my trusted doctor, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, I did a quick Google search... YIKES! I threw out most of my paper towels, toilet paper and napkins. Why you ask? Chlorine and bleach!

    Just like me, you probably never put much thought into just what goes in to making all those paper products so white. They may look clean and fresh, but products made with chlorine and bleach are filled with toxins. After reading this blog, you'll definitely have information to think about.

    Like most people my age, I grew up with the smell of bleach lingering on my dad's white work shirts and even on our white bed sheets. You might even clean your bathroom and kitchen with bleach to disinfect them from all the bad germs roaming around in those rooms. If your kids swim, they're in chlorine as well. So what's the problem you ask? Plenty.

    One thing that we have to over come, as we live healthier lives and become more health conscience is that just because it's available doesn't make it right. Take chlorinefor example, one of its largest uses is in the paper industry. It's used to break down wood fibers and bleach the paper white. This causes a chain reaction because it not only pollutes our streams and waterways, but also contaminates the fish and the people that eat the fish.

    In paper products, Chlorine causes the formation of dioxin, an extremely toxic chemical known to cause cancer and disrupt the endocrine system. As the byproduct of manufacturing chlorine, bleached paper it is believed to be the single most carcinogenic chemical known to science! It's just not in paper either, but all around us. Because of chlorine pollution an average American ingests 300-600 times more dioxin that is deemed safe by the Environmental Protection Agency! It's been found to be than 300,00 times more potent than DDT-one of the most widely known toxic synthetic pesticides! Chlorine has been linked to endometriosis, immune system impairment, diabetes, neurotoxity, birth defects, decreased fertility and reproduction dysfunction in both men and women. Chlorine is found in coffee filters, paper milk cartons, and even disposable diapers-our poor babies! THESE TOXINS ARE READILY ABSORBED THROUGH THE SKIN! That's right and did you know that chlorine is found in almost everyone's blood? Although our bodies can metabolize and rid themselves of many contaminates, the dioxins found in chlorine are not so easily removed. So use of chlorine and products with chlorine may end up compromising your health.

    Which brings me to a BIG downside of using toilet paper with chlorine and bleach. Our private parts are sensitive in many ways. Many woman experience vaginal discomfort thinking it's a yeast infection and use over the counter antifungal medications (Don't even get me started on why I think we shouldn't be using them-that's for another day-another blog). These topical lotions may give women initial, but not long term relief. Why? Because it's not a yeast infection so the creams are most likely just providing a barrier between the skin and toxic bleached toilet paper (which probably also contains formaldehyde-another highly toxic substance). Once the cream is removed after a few wipes, you're right back where you started-irritation caused from toilet paper containing chlorine/bleach. You're not solving the problem, just masking it. So if you use thick, absorbent, strong, bleached expensive brands of toilet paper (or any bleached toilet paper), you may think you're protecting and pampering your private parts, but in reality, with every wipe, you're increasing your risk for infections AND absorbing toxins. I hear myself telling my kids when they were young to "Be sure to wipe good." (Ha, ha) What was I thinking? You're just wiping toxic chemicals on yourself! And if you think that wiping with moist wipes will be better-think again. Unless they are chlorine/bleach/fragrance free, you will have the same issues!

    Can you believe there are more than 100,000 chemicals used in commercial paper products? Do you know many have been tested for possible risks to health? Not many. We have so many colors and fragrances to choose from too-which just adds another layer of problems/toxins. Also be aware that most tampons contain chlorine as well, and some even have added fragrances. All bad stuff!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

5 Ways To Remember When Buying An Anti Wrinkle Cream

    When you reach your 20s, it is time for you to start a skin care regime that will ensure a smooth and supple skin. If, however, you have not done so and can see fine lines around your eyes and mouth, then your routine must include an anti-wrinkle cream. Follow an anti aging routine regular and when you are buying an anti-wrinkle cream, keep the following factors in mind.

    1. Your Skin Type - There are a number of creams available but all of them are not suitable for your skin. This is because an anti wrinkle cream contains ingredients like Retinol, Hydroxy Acids and Coenzyme Q10 et al that may not suit your skin type or may cause allergies. Consult a dermatologist who can examine your skin and recommend a good product.

    2. Check The Ingredients In The Anti-Wrinkle Cream - For a cream to be effective, it must contain ingredients that are known to smoothen the fine line on your skin. Some of the important ingredients that are used in a cream are Retinol, Hydro Acids, Copper Peptide, Kinetin and Coenzyme Q10 et al. It should also contain anti-oxidants to keep your skin youthful. Your dermatologist will be able to advise you if the ingredients of the cream are suitable to your anti aging routine.

    3. Latest Research - Keep up with the latest research and read what advances have been made in the field of anti aging products. If any of the ingredients that are known to be effective in anti aging have been listed as having side effects, avoid them.

    4. Individual Differences - It is essential to remember that an anti wrinkle cream that suits your friend and has produced remarkable results should suit you too. Each skin type is different and the effects of creams vary from skin to skin. Therefore, have realistic expectations from the products.

    5. Cost - If you believe that an expensive cream is more effective than one that is less expensive then you must rethink this. Expense has nothing to do with the effectiveness of a product. It depends upon the ingredients, the dosage and the length of regular use.

    When you are buying an anti wrinkle cream, take time to research the product and do not just pick up anything that is available. Understand the product that you are applying on your skin so that your skin is not damaged. Meanwhile, take care of your skin by feeding it good products and also taking a good diet. Drink plenty of water and keep your skin hydrated for a smooth supple look.

    You must also check the ingredients of the anti wrinkle cream and the concentration of the active ingredients. After you have bought the cream, follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and be on your way to a younger looking skin.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

How I Transformed My Corn Allergy!

    Four weeks ago my husband asked for me to make him some corn for dinner. No big deal most would say. Yet for me, the moment I touched the freezer door handle was the moment my life would change forever.

    As I reached in the freezer to grab the bag of frozen corn my past flashed before me. I was 6 years old again, feeling very sad, sitting at my grandmother's table in Wichita, Kansas for what, in my 6 year old mind, might be the last time ever.

    I was moving from Kansas to Colorado. I was leaving my very best friend in the whole world, my beloved grandmother. Would I ever see her again? How long would it be before I could be with her again? I would be moving 500 miles away. I might as well be moving ½ way around the world. It was a gut wrenching, horrible feeling. In fact, it was the most upsetting time in my young life.

    My lovely grandmother had made my favorite food for our going away party; Jolly Green Giant Niblet corn with butter sauce in a boilable nylon bag. How cool was that? Yet, it was to be the last time I could eat my favorite food because it was too expensive and my mother would never buy it.

    We moved to Colorado and I could no longer eat corn of any kind. Every time I ate it I had horrible gut wrenching pain and had to get to a bathroom quickly. Even at 6, I realized it was the corn. Nobody else made the connection. But I sure did.

    Fast forward to my age of 30 and I am diagnosed with an allergy to corn. No kidding! I already knew that. I had abstained from eating corn for 24 years. Now I would abstain from eating it for the rest of my life.

    Fast forward another 19 years and PSYCH-K enters my life. After a year of wonderful changes through working with various PSYCH-K process I still had not tackled this most vexing of foods, until I touched the bag of frozen corn in the freezer 4 weeks ago. I thought to myself, I wonder if my corn allergy is tied to this traumatic moment when I was 6 years old? I dumped the bag of corn in the pan and set it to cook on the stove. Then I went to work doing a PSYCH-K Balance. Sure enough, that event had caused the subconscious connection of corn with gut wrenching pain!

    I had a gut wrenching experience every time I ate corn as a child through my entire adult life. I had a gut wrenching experience while eating corn during that traumatic departure. The subconscious mind is the master of association and corn had been associated with the gut wrenching trauma of moving to Colorado.

    After doing a PSYCH-K Balance I confidently told my husband I would eat corn that night and have no problems. It was a joyous moment and boy it tasted really wonderful! I had not only one serving, but went back for a large 2nd helping of the golden stuff. NO REACTION! No histamine reaction, no sniffles, no stuffy nose, no gut wrenching trip to the bathroom! I slept comfortably the entire night and had no cramps or discomfort of any kind. After 43 years of avoiding corn one simple PSYCH-K Balance changed everything. SIMPLY AMAZING!

    So, when people ask me about allergies I now confidently say, let's explore that a bit. Most allergies are tied to a person, event or situation that formed a challenging or negative association to a food, environmental element or animal. When we tap into the subconscious mind we are able to make dynamic changes very quickly.

Friday, December 23, 2011

What Is Aqua Zumba?

    What Is Zumba?

    Zumba is a dance and fitness program inspired by Latin dance styles and upbeat dance music. It's a fun-packed energetic full body workout that builds fitness and burns body fat. It is a great option if you don't enjoy regular exercise and want to workout with a smile on your face. The Zumba Fitness program was lauched in 2001 after being developed by a Columbian Aerobics instructor. Ten years later and there are now 6 different Zumba fitness programs (including Aqua Zumba), and Zumba is being enjoyed by 10 million people every week in over 100 countries.The secret of Zumba's success has to be the fun factor it brings to exercise, if you are really enjoying something then the time passes quickly and you get a decent workout (without realising it's actually exercise).

    The Benefits Of Exercising In Water

    There are numerous health benefits to exercising in water and it provides a challenging workout for your body. Here are some good reasons for exercising in water: -

    Less Impact And Stress On the Body

    The buoyancy of the water helps to support your body weight, putting less stress and impact on your joints than regular exercise. This aids movement and flexibility, making it ideal for older people and people recovering from muscular injuries.

    Greater Muscle Resistance

    Water has a higher density than air, providing greater resistance for your muscles. This will allow you to build up strength and tone muscles easier. When you move your body and muscles, the water will provide resistance in all directions. Exercising in water also gives you a greater cardio workout as your muscles work against resistance.

    Provides A Complete Workout

    Exercising in water works your muscle groups and provides a good cardio workout at the same time, saving you valuable time.

    Why Try Aqua Zumba?

    With Aqua Zumba you really can have the best of both worlds, the health benefits of water coupled with a fun and energetic Latin-inspired dance and fitness program. An Aqua Zumba class really is like some huge pool party, and provides a great exercise experience. Aqua Zumba makes full use of your bodies increased buoyancy and flexibility as you move to the lively music. Doing Zumba in water will provide you with a challenging and invigorating workout that will burn body fat and build muscle tone and definition.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Solutions Improved Eyesight Using Acupuncture

    As we grow old, we experience different changes. Our skin get's dry, our muscles become weak and we experience different eye conditions like having blurred eyesight. Blurred vision is not new in our generation. Even youngsters have blurred eyesight and need to wear glasses at their early ages. Whether you are near sighted or far sighted, blurred vision is not a healthy condition and it can affect your daily living.

    There are several causes of having blurry visions. It can be caused by over using your eyes, by reading books in a dark room, staring at the computer the whole day, too much exposure from a blinding light like the sun and having insufficient sleep. Sometimes, we can't stay away from doing these activities and it becomes our daily routine. If you still continue to do these kinds of activities, you will have a potential to acquire different serious eye complications like cataract. You need to undergo surgery to remove those complications. And in every medical operation, it will cost you money. If you don't want to end up having eye surgeries, it is best to take care of your eyes.

    Today, there are different ways in improving your eyesight and one of them is by the use of acupuncture. This treatment allows your body to promote its natural healing ability. It relaxes your body and keeping you out of stress. And recent research shows that acupuncture treatment helps improve blurred visions.

    In the recent studies, various MRI brain scans discovered that when acupuncture needles are inserted in the body's points, it will stimulate a brain response that corresponds on the inserted points. According to the experts, the located points for improved vision can be found at a person's foot. Several causes of blurred vision can be also found in the liver. Inserting needles in the liver area has also been proven effective in improving a person's eyesight.

    Acupuncture uses thin needles that are painless compared to the usual sewing needles. It has been proven to have numerous good effects like to help improve person's well being, promote better health and stronger immune system. It also enables your body to regenerate faster and repair damaged cells.

    There are many acupuncturist, today. It is also important to know the skills and abilities of the acupuncturist. Be wise on choosing because one wrong insertion can lead to major problems. But if handled with a professional, numerous beneficial effects can be definitely achieved.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Preparation And Recovery Tips

    Some acne disorders can be treated by dermatologists with the use of dry ice. This method of treating acne is commonly referred to as slush therapy. A dry ice acne treatment is typically performed in the labs of dermatologists for facial acne only. This process can help to significantly reduce acne scars. This works by shrinking the facial pores. This process can have a tremendous benefit on the overall condition and health of the skin.

    You will first need to schedule an appointment with a reputable dermatologist in order to learn more about how this method of treating facial and acne-related scars works. You should also research the potential risks and complications that are known to be associated with using this method of treatment.

    You can begin preparing yourself and your skin for this type of acne and acne scar treatment right at home, just one week prior to receiving a course of therapy to reduce the likelihood of future breakouts. This method of treating facial acne even be used in conjunction with a skin cleansing routine that is soap-free. There are generally harsh detergents present in most soaps along with perfumes that can actually exacerbate acne and worsen its condition by increasing the production of sebum.

    Your preparation efforts should include the avoidance of oily skin-care products such as lotions and creams as well as powders and cosmetics that are oil-based. The decision to stop using these products will help to prevent future clogging issues in your pores and will alleviate excess productions of oil and sebum.

    You work in preparing your skin is vital, as it will ultimately determine the success of this type of therapy.

    Recommendations for your acne treatment:

    As the dermatologist begins using this special solution to treat your acne and acne scars it is important that you cooperate to the fullest in order to ensure that the procedure is a success. The dermatologist will place a three-inch cube of dry ice into a cheesecloth ad then pound it with a hammer until it is properly ground up. The resulting mass is then deposited into a solution of 65 OP alcohol.

    You should allow your doctor to carefully apply the solution to all of the affected areas on your face. This process is only effective if the patient allows the solution to remain on the face for the recommended period of time, based upon skin type and acne conditions.

    Following your acne therapy you will need to visit with the doctor as recommended. It may be necessary to take either probiotics or antibiotics that have been prescribed by your dermatologist in order to facilitate faster healing and recovery. These things will also lessen your likelihood for developing an infection in the treated areas as they heal.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bloodborne Pathogen Training Standards - 5 Solutions

    Bloodborne pathogens refer to the disease carrying organisms that are present in a patients' blood. They can pass on to another person under certain circumstances that often arise when working with infected blood. However, bloodborne pathogen training can teach you to understand and manage the associated risks which are always present due to the nature of certain occupations.

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has laid down certain standards so that bloodborne pathogen training covers all the vital areas and provides complete knowledge about the risks.

    Following are the 5 important points that any Bloodborne Pathogen training should cover:

    • Recognizing Threats: The first thing that you must know is the different diseases that can be caused by such bloodborne pathogens. Besides the three major diseases including Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and Hepatitis B and C, there are a number of other ailments like viral hemorrhagic fever, leptospirosis arboviral infections, syphilis, brucellosis, Babesiosis and malaria that are less common but can also be caused by such pathogens. There are many more diseases, too, which you can learn about depending on your area of work.

    • Fluid Exposure: Bloodborne pathogens spread through blood of course, but there are several other body fluids that carry the organisms too. Some such fluids include cerebrospinal, amniotic, semen, vaginal discharges and most of the fluids from your lungs and body cavities. On the other hand such pathogens generally do not pass through tears, urine, sweat and secretions of the nose, however even these fluids can become dangerous if they get mixed with the infected blood. Furthermore, the risk of the pathogens passing through saliva will depend on the kind of disease and if there is any bleeding injury in the mouth.

    • Spread of Pathogens: Bloodborne pathogens can cause infection when they enter the body of another person; there are a number of ways this can happen. The most common way of transmission is through accidental injury caused due to sharp objects like needles or any broken and contaminated instruments. Furthermore such organisms can easily enter your system when the infected fluid comes in contact with the mucus membrane or any broken or open skin. Such diseases can also pass on from a pregnant mother to her child.

    • Avoiding Exposure: Your training should adequately cover the preventive measures to be taken for avoiding the spread of the pathogens. Universal precautions cover various aspects of protection like using personal gear like gloves and masks, maintaining hygiene, sterilization, and proper disposal of all contaminated materials.

    • Handling Exposure: Even after taking all the precautions at times there might be an accidental exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Your training must also prepare you for such situations so that the matter is reported and treated promptly and any other protocol like follow-ups, maintaining reports and informing the relevant authorities are adhered to at all times.

    The above points will ensure that you not only have the theoretical knowledge of bloodborne pathogens but also know how to deal with it in a host of different circumstances, and must therefore be a part of any such training.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

How To Increase Your Weight Naturally

    What is the quickest way to gain weight?

    Are you finding it hard to put on some weight on your skinny looking body? If you are still searching for the quickest way to gain weight naturally then you have come to the right place. There are too thin and skinny body which can result due to several ailments such as diabetes, allergy, and other genetically related diseases. Such people first consult with their doctors and find out the best strategy to increase their weight naturally and without any side effects. There are some effective methods that can help you quickly gain natural weight. Those tips are provided as follows.

    Tips for the quickest way to gain weight

    1) Bring the right change in your diet Your daily diet should be an ideal mix of foods that contains good composition of proteins, carbohydrates, iron, fiber, and healthy fats. By healthy fats, we mean you should include mono saturated and unsaturated fats, almonds, nuts, olive oil, pistachios, walnuts, canola oil, etc. in your daily diet. Your daily diet should consist of at least 60% to 70% carbohydrates, 10% to 15% of proteins and a little percentage of fats.

    Increase the foods in your diet that are rich in terms of calories, minerals and vitamins. Eat more than 5 to 6 meals a day from which 3 should be snacks. In snacks, you can eat grated cooked eggs, egg omelette, mashed potatoes, cheese, chicken, soups, milk shakes, and milk. Drink plenty of water in between two meals. But do not drink any kind of beverage before or after 30 minutes of the meal. Mixed fruit juices such as apple and berry, orange and banana contain higher amount of calories. So consume these juices on a daily basis.

    2) Perform strength training exercises In order to gain weight quickly, you also need to incorporate strength training and aerobics exercises along with some body weight and resistance training workouts. Use of dumb bells is also beneficial for increasing muscle mass quickly. Other exercises such as push-ups, chin-ups, bench press, military press, squats, bicep curls, shoulder lifts, kickbacks, etc. should be included in your daily exercise regimen to get faster results.

    Try to take enough rest in between two exercise routines. This will give your body muscles some relaxation and will rejuvenate your body for the next training sessions. Eat post workout meal immediately after your workout is over. This meal is important to energize your body and refuel your lost calories during the workouts.

    Weight gain supplements are also available in the market that can boost your chances to gain weight rapidly. Natural weight gain supplements such as protein powders, creatine can be used after workouts are over. These supplements are effective when used in combination with effective diet and exercise routine. Protein powder can be mixed in the energy shake along with milk, eggs, nuts and peanut butter. This mixture can be a very powerful source to provide our body much needed proteins, fiber, iron, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What To Makes Hair Vitamins Good for Your Hair?

    Just like with everything in your body, your hair is affected by your vitamin intake. It is widely known that the right combination of nutrients, minerals, and amino acids will give you strong hair and in some cases these vitamins help with hair growth. The vitamin intake is also responsible for the way the hair feels and the way it looks. However when you think of a healthy body and how it is affected by vitamins, people hardly ever think about their hair and the needs it has in order to be healthy. These vitamins become even more important as we age and when our bodies need to get the proper nutrition the most. The hair needs that nutrition as much as the skin, and the bones.

    Things That Damage Your Hair

    There are some things that you may do in your everyday life that will have a negative effect on the look, feel and even the strength of your hair. Some of these actions are the same that doctors have been telling people to avoid for years now. Smoking and drinking are two major components that have the most negative effect on your hair as well as in much of your body. Birth control pills may be something that you take in order to control hormones or prevent an unwanted pregnancy, but it does eat up nutrients your body needs. Taking vitamins will help counter that effect. Getting a high-quality vitamin in your diet will help many organs function better in addition to promoting healthy, vibrant hair.

    Prenatal Vitamins

    Some women will take prenatal pills when they are not actually pregnant. There is nothing wrong with doing that because these vitamins will not harm your body. These prenatal vitamins are pretty much the same as the multivitamins that you would buy at the drugstore; the one difference is that they actually do contain a higher percentage of folic acid. Because prenatal vitamins are made with a pregnant woman in mind they are pretty good at providing the extra nutrition that you would need for faster growing hair and hair that is stronger. The same amounts can be found in foods like fruits and vegetables, but if you are not following the best diet that you can have, then prenatal vitamins are great as an option.

    Why Vitamins Promote Healthy Hair

    The hair follicles on your head need a certain amount of nutrition and care to insure they are functioning properly. Essential fatty acids, vitamins E and B complex as well as zinc work in different ways to insure the follicles are working optimally as well as the sebaceous glands. This will insure that your hair is not only growing at the best rate but that the oil production is neither overactive nor stunted.

    What Vitamins to Use

    "Hair vitamins" often are formulated to provide the best combination of nutrients needed for scalp and hair health. You can opt for a multi-vitamin also - the key is to ensure no deficiency that may be causing breaking, tearing, dryness or slow growth.

    A lot of doctors will in fact tell you to take a multivitamin because they already contain the essential elements that your hair requires and the nutrients it needs for other body functions. These multivitamins are important because they promote a healthy body and the hair is included. Other than that you can promote healthy hair with the proper diet and by steering clear of harmful agents such as smoking and drinking. You should also limit blow drying your hair and use towels instead to prevent additional damage.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

How To Back Surgery

    As we all know, it is essential for everyone to take care of themselves and keep themselves fit. Today, it has become a costly affair to fall ill. Doctor's fee, follow-up checkups, medicine costs, hospital bills etc may really prove to be a burden especially if a doctor suggests that a patient has to go for a major surgery. This could end up being very expensive for the patient. Among the variety of treatment methods, surgery is a good but complicated option. Nothing is worse than going through a back surgery. The back is an important portion of the body. Our every movement depends much on the strength of our back. Back pain creates an unpleasant sensation over certain areas of the back. It may be caused by an accident or by a hit by some solid object on the back. Some diseases that affect the spine can also cause back pain. Moreover, pressure on the nerves may also be the cause of back pain.

    Back surgery is performed to remove or correct any abnormality on the back. Normally, the surgery is done near the spiral column. However, to have a back surgery done for the reduction of back pain should be a last resort to relieve someone of back pain. The patient should be carefully assessed by a spine surgeon. There are some measures that must be checked before the surgery. It should be assessed whether the pain results from some broken bones or if it happens for the compressed state of the nerves of the spinal cord. Moreover, bone deformities can also lead to the injury. When carefully assessed by a spine specialist, a patient may be permitted to go through back surgery.

    There are different types of back surgeries. Artificial disk replacement is one of them. It is performed to remove an injured disk and replace it with an artificial device. Lumbar decompression is another type of back surgery. It is performed in a different manner, but for the same purpose. Through this surgery, the portion of the bone that creates pressure on the spinal cord is removed. And thus the spinal cord is made free of pressure. The doctor or specialist should perform the assessment and diagnosis to select the appropriate back surgery to be done.

    After the surgery, the patient should follow some post-operative steps to get an early recovery. They should take complete rest for a specific period of time and should not engage them self in any hard work that may create pressure on their back. It is possible to buy some spare bed pillows for placing the back in a comfortable position. Taking rest for long time may turn out to be boring for the patient but they can make it interesting by reading different kinds of books and magazines. They should also keep medicines, foods, clothes and other essentials close by so that the patient can reach them easily. Moreover, they should get a raised toilet seat because the standard toilet seat is very low and this may put extra pressure on the back.

    To conclude, any sort of surgery involves high risk. Therefore, care should be taken before going through any back surgery.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Really The Symptoms of Autism Different From ADHD?

    Autism is affecting more children today and doctors still do not know exactly what might be causing this disorder. Some of the symptoms of Autism can vary and may resemble other types of disorders out there and this could possibly lead to misdiagnoses. Learning the symptoms now will help you better understand how Autism works.

    Every person diagnosed with Autism doesn't have all the same symptoms. That is why it is difficult to sometimes diagnose. Every person acts differently. You may see one person who is bright, seems controlled, and can carry on with every day tasks. Others may be withdrawn, doesn't like to talk to others, and prefers to be on his or her own instead. The main symptom that every person diagnosed with Autism does share is the disabilities, delays, or challenges that involve socialization.

    Diagnosing Autism

    As mentioned before, Autism is not easy to diagnose. That is why doctors follow a certain type of manual that helps them to diagnose this disorder.

    Social Interaction

    A child may use nonverbal behavior that would include any body postures, gestures, facial expression, or just staring into your eyes while you talk to them. This is a way that they regulate how they socialize with others. A child may not develop relationships with their peers at the right developmental level. A child may not show any interest in sharing achievements, enjoyment, or interest. Instead, they keep to themselves as though they do not want any attention at all. They may not reciprocate emotions or social interaction.


    When a child doesn't communicate, most parents take this as a sign that something could be wrong. You may overlook socialization hesitation but communication is a definite warning sign. A child may not speak, or is delayed in speaking when they are young. When spoken to, a child may not keep the conversation going with clear answers. He or she will try to avoid conversations with anyone. A child may use repetitive language or vocabulary. They may not play make-believe or be creative at the developmental level.


    When it comes to behavior, there are certain times when a parent wonders if something is wrong with their child or is it normal behavior. When trying to diagnose Autism, a child may display one or more of these symptoms.

    The child may seem preoccupied with patterns or focus on abnormal things. They may repeat the same routines day in and day out instead of changing anything. They may flap their hands, twist their hands, or move their body in the same way. They may pay excessively preoccupied with parts of an object.

    Before the age of three, if your child is showing some type of socialization delay, trouble with basic language skills, or they do not use their imaginations with play you may want to discuss this with your doctor. Sometimes a child may need a little more time to develop and that is okay. At least your doctor is aware of the situation and if things do not change you can go back for further testing.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Foods That Help Asthma

    Many people who have asthma can drastically reduce their asthma and the wheeziness of their chest by simply following the correct diet. This is only possible if you have a natural diet. Many asthmatics eat a lot of diary and also crave chocolates. Chocolate cravings are usually caused through magnesium deficiency and you can simply correct this by taking magnesium supplements, this will help your chocolate addiction and also ease your asthma.

    If you do suffer from asthma, then be sure to cut us much processed foods out of your diet as possible. Stress is a leading cause of asthma and is usually caused through improper diet. Stress, diary products and chocolate all cause you to breathe more and as an asthmatic you should reduce your breathing and avoid anything which will change the amount of volume of air that you breathe in on a regular basis.

    One super food that you should consider to be part of your daily diet are dates. Dates have been proven to help many diseases over the years and also help those who suffer from many of the other respiratory diseases out there. You should try eat as much raw fruit and vegetables as possible. Not only for the nutritional aspect but also because when you eat a rich raw food diet you increase your immune system which prevents you from getting ill and helps keep allergies at bay but the most important aspect of eating raw unprocessed food is that it helps keep your weight down and also helps you lose weight.

    Honey and ginger throughout the ages has also helped people in the far east ease their asthma, you could add it to some warm water and drink it 2-3 hours before you sleep. This will help you breathe in through your nose and also help you sleep better at night.

    I mentioned that asthmatics breathe heavier and larger volumes of air when compared to non-asthmatics, the reason asthma is on the rise has got to do with processed foods which is also why there is such a high rate of obesity around these days. When you are overweight you cannot breathe properly the extra fat on your diaphragm restricts your breathing causing you to breathe through your mouth which increases the amount of oxygen you intake this combined with being asthmatic is deadly.

    The worst part is that you will find that you need to use two types of inhalers which are the reliever and the preventer asthma medication which is the worst thing you could land up on due to a threefold increase in you dying and also landing up in hospital.

    You should on a regular basis exercise, eat plenty of raw food (fruit/vegetables) and consider adding dates to your diet.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Here Adjustable Air Beds For Arthritis Pain

    Your mattress is the most important piece of furniture in your home. Why? Simply because you spend a third of your life sleeping. Therefore, if you a sufferer of arthritis pain your mattress has to be supportive and pressure relieving. An innerspring mattress can provide support, however, can create uncomfortable pressure points and body impressions.

    With technology these days an adjustable air bed is one of the top preferred sleep systems for pressure relief and body support. Imagine a mattress that is so innovative in design that is has the combination of advanced convoluted comfort layers of material for pressure relief and adjustable air bladders for advanced support. In addition, fifty different personalized comfort settings. You can actually adjust your air bed to your very own customized comfort level. Sound to good to be true?

    It gets even better. Adjustable air beds come with the most advanced latex and memory foam layers with three to five zoned convoluted support. Relieving pressure off your sore aching hips and shoulders by up to fifty percent and supporting your back and legs by sixty percent more than a traditional mattress. Furthermore, the advanced comfort layers of material are body impression resistant.

    Adjustable air beds are widely used in hospitals around the world for bed ridden patients. Why? An adjustable air bed is the only bed that can be adjusted to a particular comfort level, therefore speeding up the recovery process by eliminating pressure and providing proper support for the patient. Allowing proper circulation and blood flow throughout the body increases blood oxygen levels, therefore increasing a more speedy recovery. That's why it makes perfect sense if you suffer from arthritis pain an adjustable air mattress would be the ultimate source to give you the pain relief and a more rejuvenating nights sleep.

    So imagine waking up in the morning feeling more refreshed and alert ready to take on the day with joy and less pain. Sure medications are available and should be used when prescribed by your Doctor. Nonetheless, your medications probably have side effects that cause other underlying health problems. Bottom line is that if you can naturally eliminate a fraction of your pain and lower your doses or even eliminate your medication simply by investing in an adjustable air bed. That alone would be worth it. Sometimes it is the smallest adjustments in our lives that you see the greatest results.

    Suffering from arthritis pain is not taken lightly and limits the activities that you enjoy. Getting your life back starts with giving your body the proper rest and rejuvenation it needs to reduce your pain. Therefore, reducing your stress and managing your pain will give you back the quality of life you deserve. An adjustable air bed will be one of the best investments you can make in your lifestyle and well-being.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Here Eucalyptus Oil Is Not Just for Koala Bears

    The aborigines of Australia were the first humans to discover the healing qualities of the eucalyptus tree, but the Koala, Australia's lovable herbivorous marsupial, was actually the first mammal to discover the amazing leaves of the eucalyptus. A Koala spends at least three of its five active hours eating the leaves of several varieties of eucalyptus leaves because they are low in protein, and high in phenolic compounds, which are powerful antioxidants... plus they're rich in terpene compounds, which are the primary constituents in the essential oil of the eucalyptus tree. The aborigines undoubtedly noticed the affect of eucalyptus on the Koala, and began to use the leaves in order to benefit health-wise. They used these species for antiseptic, repellent, and flavoring purposes.

    Almost three thousand tons of eucalyptus oil is produced every year by China, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Australia, Spain, and Portugal. These countries generally produce three types of oil depending on the end use, but the most popular oil of eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) is the cineole-based version which has a spicy, as well as camphor like smell, and cooling effect. The medicinal uses of this naturally fragrant oil are well known and the fortification it provides to the immune system is considered a vital element in aromatherapy applications.

    Eucalyptus oil has the ability to affect monocytes, which are a type of white blood cell that are an important aspect of the human immune system. Monocytes have two main functions: First, they help initiate the defense systems when free radicals attach themselves to cells and begin to damage them, and second, they respond to inflammation and infection in the tissue, so the immune system can identify and divide the cells, and then regenerate new cell growth.

    A fortified immune system is the foundation for an active lifestyle, as well as for an extended life cycle, so take a hint from the happy, healthy Koala bear and make the benefits of pure eucalyptus oil a part of your daily life!

    While drinking eucalyptus tea is a practice in some cultures, the essential oil contains compounds that are not to be ingested and can cause harm if they are taken orally. The protocol for aromatherapy use is olfactory only and topical only if diluted due to sensitizing compounds that occur naturally within the concentrated oil. It should definitely be kept out of the reach of children and pets, since their systems are much more sensitive than adult systems.

    Michael D. Thompson, an organic perfumer and accredited Master Herbalist, is the founder and director of Florapathics, LLC which manufactures all-natural, organically-derived personal care products that are infused with pure essential oils for aromatherapy.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

100% Natural Solution For Fast Relief

    That's how most women describe to me their experience of a panic attack. But that's not all. It gets worse with time. The first panic attacks leaves an imprint of fear in your system. A "mental scar." The thought of having to go through it again is next to unbearable. This feeds the fear you already have and before you know it, you have a panic disorder.

    But it's not all bad news. There is actually a way to not only overcome it, but benefit from it. But more on that later. Right now let's focus on conquering the fear from panic attacks and getting some fast results and relief.

    IMPORTANT: You won't get far by reading alone. Yes, understanding the condition and the solution is vital, but you MUST implement the information you learn here. Try to resist the temptation to read this like a regular article. Please be ACTIVE and carry out the exercises. Okay let's dive in!

    Understand you are 100% SAFE. Listen to me here -> In all history of man kind, there isn't a SINGLE documented case of severe injury or death caused by panic attacks. NONE. And you're most welcome to check me up on that yourself. I spent weeks trying to find a case of that sort.

    You won't suffocate. You won't go crazy. You won't die. You won't get "stuck" with these sensations. Panic attacks are just misinterpretation of your body's own signals - The fight or flight response. We'll get to that on another day but for now know this: You aren't in any danger. NONE.

    Write down ALL your worries and sensations. This is the part where you need to PARTICIPATE. I want you to write EVERYTHING that bothers you. And I do mean everything. Yes yes, right now, go get a pen and a piece of paper (or use your pc), and start pouring your heart out.

    I know you're afraid of having another attack. I know you're afraid of the sensations. Maybe the embarrassment if the panic will "catch" you in public. Some women had to give up their jobs because of this.

    Right now all these fears are in your mind. Racing around. Back and forth. Playing games with you. Messing with your head. But you and me both know that there isn't really and danger. Think about all the attacks you had. Despite the awful sensations and dreading thoughts, here you are. Alive and well. UNHARMED. When you put all your fears on paper, it gives you a CLEAR, unbiased perspective on your condition.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to Hide Your Wrinkles

    For those in their golden years, having wrinkles may not be so bad. Many even welcome them as they are proof of having weathered the years in flying colors. But it's another thing when they start to become visible at the age of 30 years old. In this case, their appearance suggests lifestyle abuses and poor skin care regimen. Thankfully, there are plenty of remedies available. Getting rid of the lines is not difficult, more so if they are in the early stages of development. Here's what to do:

    Adopt a proper skin care regimen.
    Beauty always starts with a clean face so make sure you do that morning and evening using a mild cleanser or one that contains anti-aging properties. Aloe vera-based cleansers make a great choice in this case for as long as you are not allergic. Aloe vera has both soothing and nourishing properties which your skin badly needs of.
    After washing your face in the morning, follow it up with a moisturizer. One that can double as a sun screen is a good choice. This way, you'll be hitting two birds with one stone - get your face moisturized and get it protected from the harmful rays of the sun.
    After washing your face in the evening, apply some toner to clarify your skin. If you do this consistently, skin discoloration and imperfections are likely to diminish over time. Follow this up with hydrating night cream. Choose one that contains a healthy dose of antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients such as Cynergy TK and hyaluronic acid.
    Exfoliate at least once a week. Removing dead skin cells counts towards beautiful skin, if you must know!

    Quit smoking. Cigarette smoking does many evil things to the body. Aside from those you must have already heard of many times, smoking interferes with blood circulation depriving skin cells of the needed nutrients. Cigarette smoking is also identified as a factor in the development of lines above the upper or around the mouth.

    Drink plenty of water. Keep yourself hydrated to prevent loss of moisture that can make your skin weak and vulnerable. Experts recommend 8 to 10 glasses a day. If you can do more or unless you have a medical condition that prohibits too much water, increase your daily requirement to 12.

    Make wise food choices. Increase your fiber intake as well as your consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially those noted to have high levels of antioxidants and other nutrients. Junk foods, fatty foods and preserved foods accelerate aging, so if you resolve to get rid of the wrinkles, avoid them.

    Do some facial exercises. Exercising regularly keeps the skin strong and more elastic, so if you have lines on your face, try a number of facial exercises every day to tighten and lift your skin.
    In the meantime that you are waiting for visible results, you can try to hide your wrinkles by:

    Using accessories. Tear the public's eye from your wrinkled face by wearing large sunglasses or using large or long necklaces (this will bring attention to your chest).
    Covering the body part that has wrinkles. If you have lines on your neck, wear a scarf or a shirt with a high-necked collar. If you have them on your hands, cover them with fashionable gloves or wear long-sleeved blouses.
    Concealing the flaw with makeup. All you need are foundation, concealer, powder (all made with natural ingredients, no less!). You don't need to be a professional makeup artist to experience results. For as long as you have all the essential makeup, concealing wrinkles will not be very difficult.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning Ways For Your Body Type

    My best advice for your spring cleaning tips is to do a simple body detox according to your body type. There are twelve body type options in Ayurveda. However there are three main descriptions.

    First there is this type, a person with a high metabolic rate. This would be a person that doesn't have weight issues, who is slender looking. This person when imbalanced will complain of anxiety, constipation, and insomnia. This body detox is done by cleaning the nervous system. The master cleanse concept here is to lubricate he system using an herb that is target specific for the nervous system as the main ingredient.

    Secondly, is the body type that gets acid reflux, feels hot easily, and will get hypoglycemia if they do not eat lunch on time. This body type needs an acid body detox and needs to use herbs and lubricant to purge the gastrointestinal tract of acid food by products.

    The third type is the person who gains weight if they look at food, as the saying goes. This person has had weight issues all their life and needs to be unclogged and fat scrapped off after every major holiday because they have such slow metabolism that everything just clogs up.

    It is important to have an ayurvedic specialist to help you understand your doshas and how you get natural a backlog of physiological poisons. In Ayurveda there is an ancient system of body detox that has been being practiced for centuries and all specific to your body type.

    My teacher and friend Dr. Narendra Pendse, tells me that in the hospital in Pune, India where he volunteers and worked for the last seventeen years that in a week the staff guides a 1000 people through these individualized master cleanses.

    It is also of extreme importance to realize you must eat a proper body detox diet that includes three days before the body detox and seven days after the body detox that you must adhere strictly to a diet that is exact to your body type and imbalance. If you do not understand this, as many of the people that I have seen will tell you they have more digestive problems after a "bad " fasting than before they did before the body detox.

    Ayurveda also takes into consideration what season you are choosing to do the master cleanse. The reason why is because the time of year dictates the toxic effect on the tissue. In the summer digestive toxins will initiate overheating and acidic accumulation. In the winter, toxins will be aggravated by cold and dry weather leading to dryness in the gastrointestinal tract and causing a dehydration of tissues. The poisonsry in the tissue and become embedded into the walls of the large intestines.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Solotion To Allergies Switching : If You Suffer From Allergies Try Switching To Organic Sleep Products

    Many of us suffer from allergies. We are easily exposed to dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and particles in the air which cause our immune systems to stimulate a hyper-sensitive reaction. Choosing to redesign your home and replace traditional home furnishings with organic products may help reduce the signs and symptoms of your allergies. There is variety in organic designer furnishing to assure your home will still be a chic representation of your lifestyle as well as beneficial to your health.

    Why Should I Replace My Regular Furniture with an Organic Product?

    Even the cleanest homes contain many thousands of dust mites and unfortunately their favorite residence is your bed and bedding materials. The average person spends approximately 8 hours per day in their bed making them very susceptible to the allergens produced from this pests' excretion. Most people sleep on mattress toppers made from petrochemicals, synthetic fillers and poly fibers. Regardless of the top quality brand, the chemicals in these materials evaporate and are released into the air which we breathe directly into our respiratory system, which weakens our immunity. Eco-friendly furniture offers natural and organic alternatives. They offer consumers mattress toppers made from organic cotton and naturally treated wool that isn't processed or dyed with harsh chemicals. It helps keep moisture away, creating a clean, fresh and dry bed which prevents common molds and allergens.

    Are Organic Furniture Products Comfortable?

    Since we spend most of our time in the bedroom it's important to create a space that is functional and comfortable. There are many stylish bedroom furniture sets to choose from as well as the option to mix and match different pieces according to your style. They have taken the traditional furniture of Japanese culture and re-designed it to fit your modern-day lifestyle. Multi-functional beds create an environment that allows air to circulate throughout the mattress and sleeping area. The platform design is simple but tasteful giving you a bed that is low to the ground and takes up minimal space. Platform bed sets offer two large under-the-bed- drawers for storage giving you a space saving option. These sets pair perfectly with their Natural Latex mattress made from latex foam, wool, unbleached cotton and castor oil. These natural products create a healthy allergy-free sleeping environment that's comfortable, too! Naturalpedic foam provides a unique resilience that makes an ideal sleeping platform. It provides superior rest for two people of different weights. Movement is not transferred through the mattress allowing for an unbothered relaxed sleep.

    How Can I Maintain a Stylish and Allergy Free Home?

    Cluttered and over furnished homes are breeding grounds for dust mites and mold spores. When it comes to keeping your home allergy free you want to choose pieces that are multi-functional, but you don't have to give up style. A perfect place to start is the living area which tends to get chaotic during our everyday lives. Try furnishing your living space with a sleeper sofa, not only does it provide a comfortable place to sit and watch movies, but it allows for extra space when guests stay for a weekend. Many of the sleeper sofas are sleek, simple and sophisticated. They've changed the look of a bulky pull out bed and turned it into a refreshing design. It gives you the option to lounge in a half drop position or fold it flat into a bed position. Finally you have the option to choose furniture that is modern and exudes your sense of style while still keeping a healthy home environment.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How Zumba For Kids?

    How Active Are Your Kids?

    With rising childhood obesity levels and poorer eating habits, it can be a worrying time for parents. There can be little doubt that today's generation of children are a lot less active than past generations. This is in part down to the way they spend their free time. With the boom in popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, children are spending large amounts of time online, and with 3 main platforms (Wii, Xbox & Playstation) along with hand-held consoles, computer gaming goes from strength to strength. All this means that the majority of children are not getting enough exercise. This is where Zumba can help, but a good diet is also important.

    The Fast Food Generation

    With free toys offered with meals and fancy ice-cream drinks, children are attracted to fast food at an early age, and can remain hooked for years. Children need regular exercise and a diet full of meals prepared with fresh ingredients, as well as plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. A good diet with plenty of exercise will produce a happy and healthy child.

    Introducing Zumba To Kids

    Children don't like being bored and crave stimulation, if they don't like something then they aren't going to do it. The key is to introduce something that gets them active and keeps them entertained, welcome to Zumbatomic, a dance fitness program designed exclusively for children by the makers of the famous Zumba Fitness program.

    Zumba has been around for 10 years now, it is an energetic Latin-inspired dance program for adults that is now enjoyed by over 10 million people a week. Zumba classes are held in more than 100 countries and Zumba Programs are also available on DVD. Zumbatomic brings the magic and energy of Zumba to children, helping them to lead a more active life.

    Benefits Of Zumbatomic

    Zumbatomic is specifically tailored to children, incorporating the music styles they love (such as hip-hop and reggaeton). It's a very high-energy child-friendly dance program packed with dance routines that children adore.The many benefits of Zumbatomic for children include a greater focus and improved coordination. It also raises their metabolism and boosts their self-confidence. A Zumba party is a great way to introduce exercise to children, celebrate special occasions and allow them to spend quality time with friends and family. Why not enjoy a Zumbatomic session with the whole family? For total beginners, a class ran by a qualified Zumba Instructor is an excellent idea.

    So if you want to give your children a more active lifestyle and a fun experience at the same time, then introduce them to the exciting world of Zumbatomic.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Solutions To Manage Your Stressful Day

    Stress is really harmful for each one of us. We can't say that we will stay away from stress but the fact is we can't because stressors are everywhere. Many people have suffered from stress and only few are aware in managing it. Our daily activities are full of stressful moments, and it is undeniable that whenever we are under the influence of stress, we are not aware about it and we still do the things which make us more stressful. Some people consider stress as a problem to solve when viewed literally.

    However, stress should not be considered as a problem because it will just add to your stress level. Instead, you must look upon it as a challenge because when it is viewed as that way, you will really know how to get over it.

    Stressful day can be eluded when you know the proper management of stress and problems. We must accept the fact that stress is with us every day and we must get used to it. Knowing the facts about stress will help you to have hints that will serve as your guidelines in being more repellant to stress.

    Furthermore, one of the best ways in solving stress is by providing a stress journal, it is good because all you have to do is to list down all the things or events that will make you stress. Sometime, we are unconscious to stress and by the help of stress journal, you will able to awaken yourself from that unconsciousness. Having a schedule of your daily activities is another factor of giving solution to your stressful days. Schedule will give you a guide on what things to be done in every specific day and the good thing about it is you will not be pressured and rushed.

    Overall, there are lots of things we can do so give solution in our stressful days. It is better to become more knowledgeable about stress because it can give you the idea how to counter it. No one of us likes to suffer from stress due to its unwanted effects like aging and for more severe health problems when not treated. The very best thing to do is to take a break and have a time for relaxation. Do not push your mind to thing excessively and just always be positive thinker so that you will really feel the joy of your day, and especially, to stay away from stress.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Does Drinking Water Clear Acne Scars?


    Does drinking water help clear acne scars? This is a question many people who have developed acne and acne scars. They ask this as they look to clear up their acne and the scars acne has caused.

    Acne And Water

    The question about if water can clear up acne scars probably developed because water is known to help people control their acne. The role water plays in controlling acne is by flushing the body of acne toxins.

    But unfortunately, once you have developed acne scars, starting to consume water will not help in clearing up the scars.

    But all is not lost; there are ways to clear up acne scars. You need to determine what type of scarring you have and then find the best way to clear up that type of scarring.

    Acne Scars

    There are five types of scars that have been identified. They are:

    The Boxcar - These scars are oval with steep sides and are usually on the temples or/and cheeks.
    The Ice Pick- Scars like this look like they were formed by an ice pick. They look like pits and are small and deep. These are the most common type of acne scars received.
    Keloid Scars- These are tissue masses that occur at the site of the infection. Usually raised and red in color.
    Rolling Scars- These appear as waves on the face because they are shallow in-depth but wide.
    Other than trying to drink water to remove your acne scars, there are some proven methods to clear up your skin. Some of these methods are:

    Fractional Laser Therapy- Your dermatologist using a laser performs this. It removes the damaged skin in fractions which will clear up your scars.
    Pock Mark Filler- These are provided over the counter and are best for scars that have mild depressions.
    Chemical Peels- These will remove the dead skin and expose fresh skin gradually removing the visibility of your scars.
    Honey- Try putting honey on your scars a few times a day. Let the honey dry on the blemishes and scars and then after about 20 minutes rinse with warm water. Not only will it clear up your blemishes, but will also remove your scars.
    The best way to remove your scaring is to minimize the acne you get by cleansing your face twice a day. But if you do have scarring, visit your dermatologist to get professional advice.


    Water will not remove acne scars, but there are other methods in which you can remove the acne scars from your face. A visit to your dermatologist for his/her advice is a must.

    Jimmy C has been studying skin care for many years because of his skin problems in his youth. He is the Editor in Chief of a number of skin care web sites. Being a victim of acne in his younger days, he has researched this subject to help people prevent and stop acne. He has also studied many aspects of caring for the bodies skin and keeping it youthful and free of irritants.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Here Dramatically Improve Your Sex Life With HGH

    There is no doubt that sex should still play an active role in your life no matter how old you are. A normal sex life is healthy and as we age, both men and women begin to have more difficulty with sex with regards to performance, energy, stamina, and drive. As men get older, they experience decreasing levels of hormones that commonly lead to impotence and performance issues. So, if sex is an integral part of our happiness and health, what options do men have to maintain optimal performance and physical levels as they get older? According to clinical experts, one very real solution lies in HGH treatment.

    It is believed that over 75 percent of all cases of male impotence is caused by physical reasons, with more than half of those cases a result of arteriosclerosis of the penile arteries. Arteriosclerosis of the penile arteries is similar to the buildup in the body's arteries known to be responsible for heart attacks, strokes, and other forms of cardiac disease. When the penile arteries are blocked, the penis will not be able to get an erection. It is important to note that erectile dysfunction has shown to be a risk factor for a heart attack or a stroke. Certain lifestyle factors can also lead to erectile dysfunction such as smoking, drinking, being overweight, and other underlying medical conditions. However, male impotence has been traditionally linked to physical causes.

    Clinical studies have shown that men who are experiencing varying degrees of erectile dysfunction have shown dramatic improvement from human growth hormone therapy. Think back to your teenage years with raging hormones. That was due to the abundance of human growth hormone production from the pituitary gland. Unfortunately, as we age and starting as early as our twenties, levels of HGH produced from the pituitary gland steadily and aggressively decline. This led physicians to research the impact of HGH and the male sexuality. The clinical results determined that over 70 percent of men who participated in the studies were able to not only gain an erection, but could also maintain it for a much longer period of time. Over 75 percent of the study group also reported the strong urge and desire to have sex again. Men who increased bodily levels of HGH through clinical treatment reported an overall increase in sexual performance, stamina, desire, and energy.

    Human growth hormone injections can be prescribed by a doctor and can assist in the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. However, such treatment plans require painful and costly injections with a monthly investment of up to $2,000. This approach is not convenient for most, requiring many doctor visits with upwards of 48 injections per month. For most potential candidates, this option is not affordable or feasible.

    Because of the proven positive sexual and performance benefits of prescription human growth hormone, many individuals have sought out natural and homeopathic alternatives. Select homeopathic formulas in the marketplace contain a powerful and proprietary blend of natural ingredients designed to safely strengthen and empower the body's pituitary gland to operate at more youthful levels. The connection could be made that a stronger and more youthful functioning pituitary gland may offer increased levels of HGH into the body's bloodstream. This safe and natural alternative offers an affordable and convenient option when seeking to acquire similar benefits to those who seek out the cumbersome prescription human growth hormone protocol.

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