Sunday, December 11, 2011

How To Back Surgery

    As we all know, it is essential for everyone to take care of themselves and keep themselves fit. Today, it has become a costly affair to fall ill. Doctor's fee, follow-up checkups, medicine costs, hospital bills etc may really prove to be a burden especially if a doctor suggests that a patient has to go for a major surgery. This could end up being very expensive for the patient. Among the variety of treatment methods, surgery is a good but complicated option. Nothing is worse than going through a back surgery. The back is an important portion of the body. Our every movement depends much on the strength of our back. Back pain creates an unpleasant sensation over certain areas of the back. It may be caused by an accident or by a hit by some solid object on the back. Some diseases that affect the spine can also cause back pain. Moreover, pressure on the nerves may also be the cause of back pain.

    Back surgery is performed to remove or correct any abnormality on the back. Normally, the surgery is done near the spiral column. However, to have a back surgery done for the reduction of back pain should be a last resort to relieve someone of back pain. The patient should be carefully assessed by a spine surgeon. There are some measures that must be checked before the surgery. It should be assessed whether the pain results from some broken bones or if it happens for the compressed state of the nerves of the spinal cord. Moreover, bone deformities can also lead to the injury. When carefully assessed by a spine specialist, a patient may be permitted to go through back surgery.

    There are different types of back surgeries. Artificial disk replacement is one of them. It is performed to remove an injured disk and replace it with an artificial device. Lumbar decompression is another type of back surgery. It is performed in a different manner, but for the same purpose. Through this surgery, the portion of the bone that creates pressure on the spinal cord is removed. And thus the spinal cord is made free of pressure. The doctor or specialist should perform the assessment and diagnosis to select the appropriate back surgery to be done.

    After the surgery, the patient should follow some post-operative steps to get an early recovery. They should take complete rest for a specific period of time and should not engage them self in any hard work that may create pressure on their back. It is possible to buy some spare bed pillows for placing the back in a comfortable position. Taking rest for long time may turn out to be boring for the patient but they can make it interesting by reading different kinds of books and magazines. They should also keep medicines, foods, clothes and other essentials close by so that the patient can reach them easily. Moreover, they should get a raised toilet seat because the standard toilet seat is very low and this may put extra pressure on the back.

    To conclude, any sort of surgery involves high risk. Therefore, care should be taken before going through any back surgery.

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