Monday, December 5, 2011

Here Adjustable Air Beds For Arthritis Pain

    Your mattress is the most important piece of furniture in your home. Why? Simply because you spend a third of your life sleeping. Therefore, if you a sufferer of arthritis pain your mattress has to be supportive and pressure relieving. An innerspring mattress can provide support, however, can create uncomfortable pressure points and body impressions.

    With technology these days an adjustable air bed is one of the top preferred sleep systems for pressure relief and body support. Imagine a mattress that is so innovative in design that is has the combination of advanced convoluted comfort layers of material for pressure relief and adjustable air bladders for advanced support. In addition, fifty different personalized comfort settings. You can actually adjust your air bed to your very own customized comfort level. Sound to good to be true?

    It gets even better. Adjustable air beds come with the most advanced latex and memory foam layers with three to five zoned convoluted support. Relieving pressure off your sore aching hips and shoulders by up to fifty percent and supporting your back and legs by sixty percent more than a traditional mattress. Furthermore, the advanced comfort layers of material are body impression resistant.

    Adjustable air beds are widely used in hospitals around the world for bed ridden patients. Why? An adjustable air bed is the only bed that can be adjusted to a particular comfort level, therefore speeding up the recovery process by eliminating pressure and providing proper support for the patient. Allowing proper circulation and blood flow throughout the body increases blood oxygen levels, therefore increasing a more speedy recovery. That's why it makes perfect sense if you suffer from arthritis pain an adjustable air mattress would be the ultimate source to give you the pain relief and a more rejuvenating nights sleep.

    So imagine waking up in the morning feeling more refreshed and alert ready to take on the day with joy and less pain. Sure medications are available and should be used when prescribed by your Doctor. Nonetheless, your medications probably have side effects that cause other underlying health problems. Bottom line is that if you can naturally eliminate a fraction of your pain and lower your doses or even eliminate your medication simply by investing in an adjustable air bed. That alone would be worth it. Sometimes it is the smallest adjustments in our lives that you see the greatest results.

    Suffering from arthritis pain is not taken lightly and limits the activities that you enjoy. Getting your life back starts with giving your body the proper rest and rejuvenation it needs to reduce your pain. Therefore, reducing your stress and managing your pain will give you back the quality of life you deserve. An adjustable air bed will be one of the best investments you can make in your lifestyle and well-being.

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