Thursday, November 17, 2011

Here Dramatically Improve Your Sex Life With HGH

    There is no doubt that sex should still play an active role in your life no matter how old you are. A normal sex life is healthy and as we age, both men and women begin to have more difficulty with sex with regards to performance, energy, stamina, and drive. As men get older, they experience decreasing levels of hormones that commonly lead to impotence and performance issues. So, if sex is an integral part of our happiness and health, what options do men have to maintain optimal performance and physical levels as they get older? According to clinical experts, one very real solution lies in HGH treatment.

    It is believed that over 75 percent of all cases of male impotence is caused by physical reasons, with more than half of those cases a result of arteriosclerosis of the penile arteries. Arteriosclerosis of the penile arteries is similar to the buildup in the body's arteries known to be responsible for heart attacks, strokes, and other forms of cardiac disease. When the penile arteries are blocked, the penis will not be able to get an erection. It is important to note that erectile dysfunction has shown to be a risk factor for a heart attack or a stroke. Certain lifestyle factors can also lead to erectile dysfunction such as smoking, drinking, being overweight, and other underlying medical conditions. However, male impotence has been traditionally linked to physical causes.

    Clinical studies have shown that men who are experiencing varying degrees of erectile dysfunction have shown dramatic improvement from human growth hormone therapy. Think back to your teenage years with raging hormones. That was due to the abundance of human growth hormone production from the pituitary gland. Unfortunately, as we age and starting as early as our twenties, levels of HGH produced from the pituitary gland steadily and aggressively decline. This led physicians to research the impact of HGH and the male sexuality. The clinical results determined that over 70 percent of men who participated in the studies were able to not only gain an erection, but could also maintain it for a much longer period of time. Over 75 percent of the study group also reported the strong urge and desire to have sex again. Men who increased bodily levels of HGH through clinical treatment reported an overall increase in sexual performance, stamina, desire, and energy.

    Human growth hormone injections can be prescribed by a doctor and can assist in the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. However, such treatment plans require painful and costly injections with a monthly investment of up to $2,000. This approach is not convenient for most, requiring many doctor visits with upwards of 48 injections per month. For most potential candidates, this option is not affordable or feasible.

    Because of the proven positive sexual and performance benefits of prescription human growth hormone, many individuals have sought out natural and homeopathic alternatives. Select homeopathic formulas in the marketplace contain a powerful and proprietary blend of natural ingredients designed to safely strengthen and empower the body's pituitary gland to operate at more youthful levels. The connection could be made that a stronger and more youthful functioning pituitary gland may offer increased levels of HGH into the body's bloodstream. This safe and natural alternative offers an affordable and convenient option when seeking to acquire similar benefits to those who seek out the cumbersome prescription human growth hormone protocol.

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