Sunday, December 25, 2011

How I Transformed My Corn Allergy!

    Four weeks ago my husband asked for me to make him some corn for dinner. No big deal most would say. Yet for me, the moment I touched the freezer door handle was the moment my life would change forever.

    As I reached in the freezer to grab the bag of frozen corn my past flashed before me. I was 6 years old again, feeling very sad, sitting at my grandmother's table in Wichita, Kansas for what, in my 6 year old mind, might be the last time ever.

    I was moving from Kansas to Colorado. I was leaving my very best friend in the whole world, my beloved grandmother. Would I ever see her again? How long would it be before I could be with her again? I would be moving 500 miles away. I might as well be moving ½ way around the world. It was a gut wrenching, horrible feeling. In fact, it was the most upsetting time in my young life.

    My lovely grandmother had made my favorite food for our going away party; Jolly Green Giant Niblet corn with butter sauce in a boilable nylon bag. How cool was that? Yet, it was to be the last time I could eat my favorite food because it was too expensive and my mother would never buy it.

    We moved to Colorado and I could no longer eat corn of any kind. Every time I ate it I had horrible gut wrenching pain and had to get to a bathroom quickly. Even at 6, I realized it was the corn. Nobody else made the connection. But I sure did.

    Fast forward to my age of 30 and I am diagnosed with an allergy to corn. No kidding! I already knew that. I had abstained from eating corn for 24 years. Now I would abstain from eating it for the rest of my life.

    Fast forward another 19 years and PSYCH-K enters my life. After a year of wonderful changes through working with various PSYCH-K process I still had not tackled this most vexing of foods, until I touched the bag of frozen corn in the freezer 4 weeks ago. I thought to myself, I wonder if my corn allergy is tied to this traumatic moment when I was 6 years old? I dumped the bag of corn in the pan and set it to cook on the stove. Then I went to work doing a PSYCH-K Balance. Sure enough, that event had caused the subconscious connection of corn with gut wrenching pain!

    I had a gut wrenching experience every time I ate corn as a child through my entire adult life. I had a gut wrenching experience while eating corn during that traumatic departure. The subconscious mind is the master of association and corn had been associated with the gut wrenching trauma of moving to Colorado.

    After doing a PSYCH-K Balance I confidently told my husband I would eat corn that night and have no problems. It was a joyous moment and boy it tasted really wonderful! I had not only one serving, but went back for a large 2nd helping of the golden stuff. NO REACTION! No histamine reaction, no sniffles, no stuffy nose, no gut wrenching trip to the bathroom! I slept comfortably the entire night and had no cramps or discomfort of any kind. After 43 years of avoiding corn one simple PSYCH-K Balance changed everything. SIMPLY AMAZING!

    So, when people ask me about allergies I now confidently say, let's explore that a bit. Most allergies are tied to a person, event or situation that formed a challenging or negative association to a food, environmental element or animal. When we tap into the subconscious mind we are able to make dynamic changes very quickly.

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