Friday, January 13, 2012

Simple Tips to Add Volume to Your Tired Strands

    It is common for damaged hair to lie flat, losing all bounce and shine that it once possessed. This may seem alarming to you when it happens on your head, and hair treatments offered on store shelves may not do the trick. You can definitely use product to add some temporary volume to your hair, but you will need something more substantial to undo the damage and permanently revive your tresses.

    Avoid Damaging Products

    The first thing you have to do when your hair loses its natural volume is look at the products you are using on a regular basis. A bad product used once or occasionally won't damage your hair permanently, but if you are using something that weighs it down on a daily basis, it could affect the life of your hair overall.

    Some products also contain harsh chemicals that can damage your hair, resulting in a lack of volume as well as other problems. The best thing you can do for your hair is stop using those products. Even if you are unsure about the products, it is best to stop using them for a period of time and give your hair a break. This may not be enough to completely eliminate the problem with your hair, but it will at least stop the cycle of damage.

    Stop Processing Your Hair

    Processing your hair with curling irons, straightening irons, blow dryers, and other tools can damage your hair over time. You can also damage your hair with perms, straightening chemicals, and other style applications. If you are putting your hair through any type of processing on a regular basis, stop and give your hair a break. This is especially helpful if you realize your flat hair started to develop soon after starting a new type of hair process, such as starting to use a new curling iron.

    Chemicals always have the potential to damage your hair. Excessive heat or consistent application of heat can also lead to damage, and lying flat without life is a way for hair to show that damage. You may also notice that you have a lot of split ends and other problems that result from the heat and/or chemicals used during processing.

    You may not want to stop processing your hair because it is the only thing giving your hair some sign of life right now, but what if that processing is causing more long term damage than short term benefits? That is something you need to think about as you consider your options for hair treatment.

    Professional Consultation

    You don't want to go long term without putting a curl in your hair or spraying on your favorite products, but you cannot continue with your daily routines until you know what might be causing the damage to your hair. A professional consultation with a hair specialist is the solution. They will recommend hair treatments that can bring your hair back to life, from the roots to the tips.

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